Tattoo removal Istanbul price: All you need to know

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Getting a tattoo is a choice that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life. In some cases, people have second thoughts about that decision. Luckily, there are several procedures you can go for to remove an unwanted tattoo.

Turkey is known as a hub for cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, so what about tattoo removal in Istanbul?

The price of removing a tattoo in Istanbul can range between $880 and $3900 (USD). The exact cost will depend on the number of sessions needed to complete the procedure. Compared to the average cost of $4230 in the USA, getting a tattoo removed in Istanbul is much cheaper.

Read on to learn more about the different tattoo removal procedures and how much they cost in Istanbul. We’ve also outlined some useful information about tattoo removal in general.

Understanding Tattoo removal

First things first, getting a tattoo removed doesn’t come cheap. The reason behind the steep price is that the process isn’t simple.

When removing a tattoo, there are three procedures you can choose from. In some cases, you won’t be able to successfully get it removed unless you use a certain method.

Here’s a brief overview of tattoo removal techniques:

Laser tattoo removal

Laser treatment is the first, and most commonly used, tattoo removal method.

It involves using a Q-switched laser to apply a powerful pulse of energy to the tattoo ink. This causes the ink to disintegrate and allows the doctor to separate it from your skin.

Different variations of Q-switched lasers are used for different cases. For example, those with darker skin need a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser to avoid experiencing hypopigmentation. Another case where various lasers are needed is when removing multi-colored tattoos.

In turn, getting multi-colored tattoos removed is more expensive. We will discuss this and the other factors that affect tattoo removal costs later in this guide. 

Surgical tattoo removal

You can also get your tattoo removed through a surgical procedure. This process involves physically removing the layer of skin the tattoo ink is engrained in using a scalpel and stitching the wound back together.

Surgical removal is highly effective. However, it leaves a noticeable scar. It’s only suitable for small tattoos.

Tattoo removal by dermabrasion

Finally, we have dermabrasion.

This process is the least frequently used one because it’s typically less effective than laser or surgical removal. The long recovery time associated with dermabrasion is another reason for it being uncommon.

During dermabrasion, your doctor will chill the area of tattooed skin until it’s numb and will then proceed to sand the skin down using an abrasive brush rotating at a high speed.

Tattoo removal price in Istanbul

If you plan on getting your tattoo removed in Istanbul, keep in mind that the price can vary greatly. On the plus side, English is widely used in Turkey, so you’d feel quite at ease. You can also check out the best time to visit Turkey so your stay would be truly memorable! 

You can find clinics that offer a price of around 2000 Turkish Liras per session, which equates to approx. $100 USD. Though on average, a tattoo removal session in Istanbul is much more expensive than this. You’re more likely to find sessions priced between $220 and $390 USD.

Exactly how much you’ll pay per session depends on the size, color, and complexity of your tattoo.

The tattoo removal process is unlikely to be completed in just one session. The typical tattoo removal takes between four and ten sessions to conclude. Therefore, the total cost of sessions can range from $880 to $3900.

The procedure’s cost is just part of the overall cost of tattoo removal. You’ll also need to pay for medication prescriptions and further medical tests during recovery.

Here are some facilities in Istanbul where you can get your tattoo removed:

Turk Aesthetic Clinic

Turk Aesthetic Clinic is a great option to consider when getting your tattoo removed in Istanbul. This clinic is among the most affordable, offering prices as low as $161 per session. The clinic’s average cost per session is $194.

For particularly large and complex tattoos, you can expect to pay $269 per session at Turk Aesthetic.

You’ll typically require six to eight sessions to complete the procedure at this clinic. Therefore, your total cost will be between $966 and $2152.

Turk Aesthetic offers other procedures, such as hair transplants, plastic surgeries, and cosmetic dentistry.

Bayindir Hospital Icerenkoy

Another excellent choice when deciding where to remove your tattoo in Istanbul is Bayindir Hospital Icerenkoy.

This facility is a well-established medical center that offers 124 procedures across 19 specialties.

Bayindir Hospital Icerenkoy’s cost of tattoo removal is relatively high. The minimum amount you can expect to pay there is $1057, around the national average. In some cases, removing your tattoo at this hospital can set you back $2103.

However, rest assured that you’ll get the best professional help that Turkey has to offer. The hospital has nine tattoo removal specialists, all of which are JCI accredited.

Medical Center Turkey

You can also ensure that you’re getting top-shelf tattoo removal services at Medical Center Turkey. This hospital is one of the biggest in Istanbul and is home to the latest equipment and some of Turkey’s premier doctors.

You can expect to pay around $1100 to get your tattoo removed at Medical Center Turkey. While you’re there, you can also check out the best restaurants in Istanbul. Good food would definitely help your recovery, and in maintaining healthy skin. 

Factors affecting tattoo removal cost

As we've mentioned, not all tattoos are created equal. Some tattoos require a larger number of sessions to successfully remove. As a result, they cost more to get rid of.

Here are some of the main criteria that affect how much you’ll pay when getting your tattoo removed:

The size of the tattoo

The main factor that determines how much removing your tattoo will cost is its size. Obviously, the bigger the tattoo is the more expensive its removal will be. 

The reason is that removing larger tattoos takes more time. In turn, the process is carried out over more sessions. As a result, the total cost of the sessions needed adds up.

Clinics assess the cost based on the area of skin the tattoo covers.

The color of the tattoo

Another factor that goes into determining the cost of a tattoo’s removal is its color. Monochromatic tattoos are typically cheaper to remove.

On the other hand, tattoos with multiple colors take more time to remove and require various lasers with different wavelengths. This means that the facility you’re removing your tattoo at has to use more equipment. As a result, they charge you more.

The complexity of the tattoo

Your tattoo’s shape and form also influence the amount of money you’ll pay to remove it.

Tattoos with lots of curves and intricacies are more difficult to remove. The reason is that the person carrying out the procedure has to meticulously maneuver the laser, or scalpel if you’re getting the tattoo removed surgically, and this takes more time.

The longer the process takes, the more sessions you’ll need to pay for.

The age of the tattoo

You can also gauge how much removing your tattoo will cost by its age.

The longer you’ve had your tattoo, the lower the cost you can expect to incur when removing it. The reason behind this is that older tattoos are likely to have already faded with time. In turn, part of the removal process is already done.

This means that you’ll require fewer sessions to fully get rid of the tattoo.

Your skin type

Your skin tone is yet another contributing factor to the cost of tattoo removal.

This is especially the case in laser removal. As previously mentioned, a different type of laser has to be used for people with darker skin tones. 

It’s more difficult to distinguish tattoo ink on darker skin. Therefore, removing a tattoo in such cases usually takes more time and requires greater care to mitigate the risk of hypopigmentation.

The type of procedure

The final factor to keep in mind when calculating how much it would cost to remove your tattoo is the type of procedure you’ll do.

If you opt for laser removal, the cost is going to be less steep than if you remove your tattoo surgically or through dermabrasion.

However, sometimes you have no option but to go for the more expensive options. This may be the case if your tattoo is exceedingly large, complex, and multi-colored.

How do tattoo removal costs in Istanbul compare to the USA

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost per tattoo removal session in the United States is $423. 

To gauge the actual cost of removing a tattoo in the USA, you should also consider other related costs, such as anesthesia fees and the price of the medication needed during recovery. 

Even without taking these extra costs into account, it costs significantly more to remove a tattoo stateside than it does in Istanbul.

The maximum cost you’re likely to come across in Istanbul is $3900 for ten sessions. On the other hand, the average cost of ten sessions in the USA is $4230.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

You may be asking yourself if removing a tattoo using a laser is as painful as it is to get one.

The answer is no. This is thanks to the major advancements that have happened in this procedure over the years.

That, in addition to the fact that you’ll be under local anesthesia while the removal is taking place, makes the procedure completely pain-free.

However, you may experience some pain if you choose to get your tattoo removed surgically.

Are there side effects to laser tattoo removal?

If you’re wondering if you’ll experience any side effects after you’ve removed your tattoo with laser, the answer is that you might.

You may experience redness, slight burning of the skin, skin crusting, and slight bleeding or blistering. Other side effects may include changes in the skin color of the affected area.

However, these side effects are only temporary and heal shortly after with the help of prescribed medication.

Those with darker skin tones are at a higher risk of developing permanent side effects if the procedure isn’t done right. Hypopigmentation may occur, which means that the area of skin that was operated on may become permanently lighter.

To avoid any complications after your session, you should apply ice to the affected area. You should also use epithelial creams to calm down the skin.

You should avoid exposing the affected area to water for at least two days. The same applies to sunlight.

Who shouldn’t get their tattoo removed using laser?

Laser tattoo removal is the most commonly used procedure to get rid of unwanted ink.

Despite its popularity, this procedure isn’t for everyone. There are some cases where undergoing this procedure can be harmful.

People with hypersensitive skin shouldn’t get laser treatment, they should opt for other alternatives such as dermabrasion or surgical removal. The same applies to those who have a history of skin infections, such as impetigo. Getting your tattoo removed by laser isn’t a good idea if you’re susceptible to cold sores or have a history of scarring (keloids).


Do you have a tattoo that you regret? Whether it’s a tattoo that went wrong, or simply one that you’ve outgrown, you can get it removed by using various techniques.

Tattoo removal is a complex process that doesn’t come cheap. If you’ve explored your options in the USA and found them too expensive, you may be wondering about tattoo removal in Istanbul and its price.

Getting your tattoo removed in Istanbul costs significantly less. The most you’re likely to pay for tattoo removal in Istanbul is around $3900. 

Exactly how much you’ll pay depends on several factors, such as your tattoo’s size, color, complexity, and age. Other factors, such as your skin tone also come into play.

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